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Dear Aqua Warriors

Okay guys. I saw that people have some soccer practices or sports or whatever. So comment which days you CAN’T meet. And say the reason why.


Day Busy:


That’s all!

For example:



Church(but at night I can)



10 Responses

  1. iceeblu101
    karate or baseball
    tuesdays(6:30 – 7:15) thursday (6;30 -7:30)

  2. ok man you want to get noticed lets get noticed by making an impact see the hydro warriors think there going to defend auora so lets invade to see who that sever belongs to heres the info:

    ❗ Defence of Aurora:!:
    Friday 14th May
    12pm PST
    1pm MST
    2pm CST
    3pm EST
    8pm UK
    Server: Aurora

  3. and emliz i heard what you said about me i am not over excited qoute

    elimz, on May 11, 2010 at 8:39 pm Said:

    Lol, so who are you saying that is not reasonable, noobish and sensible? And khrome please dont mind him. I guess he is over excited. But we will have war soon.

    un qoute

    • look Khrome. I know that you are all like aqua warriors own aurora and it’s true but I really think that its not really right to just cash in all the servers. And you are definitely helpful but sometimes, your ideas are just to over. I know you want to help and I apprieciate it but sometimes, you seem over excited and stuff. and for the firday may 14th, we cant go, they are having war with some other army. WE’ll have war seperetely with them one day… and i dont think i can make it in friday and aan cant either! sorry khrome! btw, check your ranks. Thats’ for helping so much.

  4. I can’t do anyting on Friday, I will be at Fiesta Texas with my school. (I live in Texas fyi) and six flags is not something I want to miss!

  5. dill560748

  6. ok guys i wont give out anymore ideas from this point on i will be so queit it be like im unactive that would be my last idea ever

    and can i be part of the blogroll plz


    thanks for the promotion elimz and dont worry ill be so queit it be like im unactive

    starting now

  7. Name: Eeval

    Day Busy: Most of week (saturday+sunday cant come definately)

    Reasoning: clubs and school (school=8:00-3:30 {sometimes i cant come because i stay after school and i cant come in the mornings either)

    if i can come i will probably just come along because it will take hours to write out everything i do 😛

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