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Recruiting Results

Okay…. I’m a little disapointed because only 1.5 people came. It was Khrome and Icee(came a little bit late and logged off a little early)

Of course, in promotion week/day, those two people have a very high chance of getting a promotion. 🙂 

But I have to admit, it was my fault because the recruting was early started like 10 minutes before and and it lasted for like 20 minutes ending it more early I guess.

And Khrome and Icee I will give you promotion but not like right now. But please do not ask me for it like crazy becasue I will keep my promise.

And we got more troops!

Brutes 25



Well, even though they did not join the join page, I will put them on the ranks becasue they were eager to join and started following me and I told them the link . (or aan could put them on the ranks)

Oh and dear people who did not come. Comment why you did not come. (eeval you are excused) if you do not comment, it is likely that the demotion will fall on you.


7 Responses

  1. Sorry I wasn’t there, I’m grounded from the computer. My mom is gone right now and I can’t do more than comment this and add the new person to the ranks. I will try to get ungrounded tomorrow. I appologize guys.

  2. Also, good job Elimz in taking charge of this situation! Great leadership!

  3. No problem. And thanks for putting the new troops on the ranks.

  4. Hey people! MAke sure you comment why you did not come. Or demotion will rise and fall on you. Muahahaha. and if you comment on the actice count, you will not get demoted but you wont get promoted either. MUHAHAHA. OK, just comment why you did not come so you can avoid you demotion and get a promotion! 😀

  5. what i want to now is why were there nine comments on active count but only 2 people showed up

  6. Look, I already told people to comment why they didnt come. How come there is only one person? I will give everybody until this monday and if I check, I will demote everybody who did not at least comment.

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