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Epic Fail. Honestly People?

FYI: PST stands for Penguin Standard Time. Penguin Standard Time is the same for everyone in the entire world. That is why it is easy to coordinate battles with only PST time. Sure you can convert PST to specific time zones, but that takes a while and armies trying to corrdinate could mess up in the math at one point.

So my question to you all is why no one showed up today except me and Elimz. Now it wasn’t just us, the Red Warriors leader was also the only one there, but I expected at least 5 other people not including me!

Because of this little incident, here are the new ranks! Light blue people were promoted and red people were demoted.

Main Leaders: Aan10 (Emarshaye), Ephris11

Party Leader: Eddie1675, Soundbooth

3rd in Command: Blazeboy136, Elimz

General: Riotors, Austin56845


Lieutanant General:27Hearts28, Iceeblu101

Major General: Monster, Ricardo05272, Nubbythenub

Brigadier General: Jessica, Emily59004, Skatey123, Dogfood86, Numnum46


Colonel: M O K, Sorrytylon, Aquaman11, Colton, Pumkinpie27, Khrome, Jojo21110

Lieutenant Colonel: Ellen90999, Justine5519, Furryfive

Major: Youngji, Frostbite, Dan91123, Eeval

Captain: Ipenguin7656

Lieutenant: Rapster97, Cjajk, MPP46

Sergeant: Mugz145, Hawiankt


If your name was highlighted in red you have 1 day to comment on this post and tell me why you did not come. If you do that you will receive your old rank. IF YOU DO NOT COMMENT, you will remain that rank until I think you are ready to be promoted again next month.

~When you have one shot, make it count~


19 Responses

  1. aan i commented on the post b4 this saying i could not come cuz i had soccer practice.

  2. sorry aan10 i commented on the wrong section

    well like i said im so sorry i was atending a baby shower so i couldnt make plz dont demote me

    i will make up any work up that you have for me

  3. Sorry Aan i didnt make it because i was bust i even comment on the last post that i might come if nothing came up so sorru

  4. I am so sorry! It was ny birthday and I was using my new airsoft stuff, Sorry! 😦

  5. Wow. Im a 3ic :O

  6. remeber i will make up anthing plz dont demote plz dont demote

  7. i cant go on chat because it says i need to be a member or ask a moderator to join

    p.s. im sorry i wasnt there i commented already

  8. Ok, I will be glad to adjust Khrome, Iceeblu101, and Hearts on the ranks.
    Thanks for commenting with this info guys! That is very important!

    Soundbooth, no problem, don’t worry about it. How was your party and the new airsoft gun? 😉

    And Elimz, get me your email if you have a wordpress account and are interested in becoming an author on this site.

  9. sorry i havent been online. ive been outside playing with my friends.

  10. aan10 and soundbooth have you heard about my idea to take over the servers to get us reconized well here a list of servers we can invade






    plz respond if you think this idea aan10 and soundbooth

    • Ok, we can invade the following servers:
      Bobsled, Sleet, Ice Berg, and Arctic.

      I will set up the times for next week or weekend.

      Also, we are entered in a tournament, I will post about some of the info. 🙂

  11. Aan i wont be here for the sautrday or sunday so i wont intend invasions and wars and sutff

  12. Ok Icee, thanks for the fyi.

    Khrome, I will check that list of servers for any not owned by major armies and we can invade them!

  13. I was on spring break for 1 week……………………………….. i think im just gunna quit aqua warriors k ?

  14. Why would you quit?

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