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We need to get recognized!

Soundbooht: Im back! Aan10, lets get pb’s and maybe have a small army merge with us!

We absolutely need to be more active and committed here people! We can’t be on every now and then. You must dedicate time for the Aqua Warriors. There is a HUGE difference in being a person who participates in the Aqua Warriors and being a soldier in the Aqua Warriors. I want you to all be soldiers! I don’t want kids who will make a committment when they feel like it.  If you are in AW, you need to make sure I can count on you to go on chat, comment, come to events, etc. Got it?

Well, into another subject…

What would you like to do to be more credited as a medium army? More wars? More practice battles? More recruitings? Chat recruitments? What do you want to do!

Comment with your idea to improve AW! This is a great way to participate in AW like I mentioned at the top of this post. So give me your opinion! You matter!

~When you got one shot, make it count~



13 Responses

  1. more practice battles and recruitment is nice. But i dont have time this monday or tuesday so yeah, and on other people’s websites we can ask to put our web up

  2. well i want a war. Aan would you like to help shadow squad beat babys of cp?

  3. i agree wit sound. more practice battles wud be awesome!!

  4. I will try BUT next week I won’t be on for 1 whole week because IM GOIN TO DISNEY LAND (and California) so don’t kill me if i dont come haha

  5. Wow, good for you Pumpkin! And Sound, I am looking for someone to have a pb with right now. I only have about 5 minutes because we finished dinner and I need to help with dishes, so who knows.

    Lol I think I can schedule a pb between two armies in 5 minutes! :mrgreen:

  6. Ok Aan10! And Pumpkin. kill you xD have fun!

  7. Why dont we have pb with our allies?

  8. hmmm…. yeah

  9. I’m trying to arrange that with the Red Warriors. I don’t think they are listed, but they are allies. 🙂

  10. awbootcamp.wordpress.com I think. We have to activate that. The aqua warrior bootcamp all recruits should go there.

  11. maybe we could have days where we advertise and try to get new recruits?

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