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Chrisfarley2s Retierment

I made my penguin in july 14th 2008 ive benn in cp armys a long time i have done a alot of crape befor and i dont have a alot of friends it my owne seif proble but it becuse how i treeted ppl i was a jerk i was mean and im sorry but i was cast out of almost ever army i was going to qite cp but one army got me goin agen it was aw aqua warriors of club penguin if i wasnt for there nice leader aan 10 my good friend i wooden be here right now hw let me back into aw after i hade benn kick out im the x leader of rfw and x leader of cpib and x leader of st and x leader of dr and x leader ogf rg and x leader of fw but i have lernd alot form my past and i dont wanna be nown as a back person but a good one one thant you wanna show you friend some these ppl that hate me i just wanna know how much pain and shit you have put me thorw ill just name a few Pringle 64,g slush,Andrew 24 just to new a few some of these ppl made me become a emo i have cuts and scars on my rists burns on my arms and legs i shaved my head fucking head! dont you ppl that you have put me thorwe enof carp! o yah and this year some one banned my penguin for ever but in just say not all of you are mean like the ppl im takeing about like here is a list of my bffs form cp monkey ap,khris,woton,ganger,eddie 1675,coff,yobite,robo,gph or blaze boy,poch,ninja 805,aan10,Dj,Ikumiku. just to name a few but i tell you i cud make way more ppl i hat than like in cp and if you think your one of thorse ppl you shud think why you think that and say your sorry to me but im saying that ever one is like this there are still a few good ppl in the world well thats just some about me and i just think in geting to old for Cp so im going to leave the warriors to ganger and i will miss you all i will still be on chat but not cp ive ben in cp for 606 days now ive met lots of kool pepole and lots of Ass holes but ive like cp i have and always will have i do wish for 3 thing 1 plzz dont remove me from your sites if im on them i want to stay on them for memories and 2 do ever for get me 3 remember to teach the new pepole in  cp how to run armies and how to lead somthing i never lerned… now my good byes and i wish you good well


5 Responses

  1. Bye guys ill miss you if you ever wanna talk ill still be on Chat bye guys ill miss you

  2. Guys i know chir sin real life and he never burned himself or shaved his head -.- he did cut himself though.

  3. Bye Chris. Thanks for standing by AW for all of these years. You are a true and loyal soldier. I will always remember you as a friend.

  4. bye Chris.

  5. Learn how to spell?

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