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Welcoming 2 new members!

Hello Aqua Warriors! We have 2 new members!



They have both never been in a CP army. This is there first one! You should know Rap from todays event. He was there. And Pumpkinpie27 is a old friend! Welcome guys!

And as a 2ic. I’d like to officially make this our theme! Anyone oppose?



3 Responses

  1. Cool thanks Soundbooth :D! You rock ;D

  2. Hey AW leader,Could you please someday come to xat.com/theacp ? It would be really nice from you and I’d like to ask you a few CSS Questions 😀

    -ACP 2ic Matre10
    Soundbooth: Ill tell Aan10 right away! Its cool to hear from you, because I am a ACP captain 😀

  3. Absolutely. I am glad that you noticed my CSS and would be happy to help out.

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