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A note to Steve Tim

Hi Aqua Warriors! As you know, Club Penguin Defenders leader Steve Tim, says that he owns Berg. I don’t want a fight, I think we need to build friends and things of that nature. I know all Penguins love competition, but I looked on the CPD’s website, and all the servers they say they own, I have seen on a lot of sites. I don’t think, Steve Tim, that you are lying, and I am very, very sorry I called you noobish. But I think its better for both of our armies if we sign a treaty. I am a Party Leader (2ic) So I can’t call the big shots. But I think we should  maybe share Berg. I wouldn’t mind. I use it as training grounds for Aqua Warriors Boot Camp.  So I don’t see why it would be a problem to share it. I am going to start a senate, and make Aqua Warriors more organized. And I want more allies. So if you want to “Defend” CP, this is the most peaceful and I think the best way to do it. I also visited your site, and could not find the post and Berg.  And almost all your posts have 0 comments, and we have a lot per post. So I think you should talk to us about this kind offer. Plus, a shared server means more protection. I think your a very noble leader and thank you for not cussing us out and talking kindly. So what will it be?



Remember guys, we just use this server for training, so why not share?!


8 Responses

  1. Ok, I agree and we should share the server. The only reason I was really trying to defend Berg because it was our capital. But, it’s ok if we share it. i would like to be allies also. I would like to thank soundbooth for trying to straighten all of this out. Thank you, Steve Tim

  2. BTW: Can you member me on AW chat?

  3. this may take some time for me because i somehow am getting busy today and tommrow

  4. Thanks for posting about this issue Sound. I have been real busy. I wake up at 6 each morning and go to school at 7 for track. Then at 6-6:30 pm I come home after pole-vault practice. I usually do a mix of homework, computer work, and anything my mom forces me to do. So I generaly go to bed at 12. Sometimes later if I have a project. So I am REALLY busy.

    Sadly to say because of track, and I found out I made the final cut yesterday, I will be gone all of tomorrow afternoon until midnight at a track meet out of town. Like I said, busy. So I will not be able to go to the event tomorrow. 😦

    I am very disapointed and will try to work with anyone who schedules any future events so there are no conflicts.

  5. lol at the poll, “Fight them. Abuse power.” :mrgreen:
    Lol yea, we are growing lol

  6. As a joke I was the one person who said to fight them lol. Im just hungry to have a war but I don’t think its necessary to fight over a non-important server.

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