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Your creator has returned!

Most of you new recruits do not know me but I am Ephris11 the person who made ths army. After a very long retirment I have returned to bring the Aqua Warriors back to it’s former glory as a top 10 army. I want to meet all of the new recruits so I know eveyone on the army and I want everyone to be on chat daily.  Since my legendary penguin Ephris11 was banned by a hacker in 2008, my non-member penguin is Aqua Torpedo and I hope to find you all on club penguin someday. As for leaders let’s work hard to bring the Aqua Warriors not just the top medium army, but in the top 10 army list!


23 Responses

  1. The Legend has returned! 😀 Hi im Soundbooth, the 2ic. I joined a while back and was asking some other soldiers if there was any way to talk to you. They said no. Im so glad we have the opportunity now! I work my best, and make sure to always have a post every day. AND I RECENTLY had a Card-Jitsu code contest. So I am VERY glad to have you back! If you want to see whats been happening over the past while, read some older posts!


  2. thanks and I have seeen whats been going on since I left and I’m glad this army did not die out.

  3. Good ol’ ephris. Remember me from when AW had like 7 soldiers?

  4. lol im not shure what was your penguin and I am also in high school which is why I retired from club penguin last year.

  5. My army, Club Penguin defenders, claimed the server Berg. You think you own Berg and we think we own Berg. My army would like to battle your army for posession of Berg. You can find me on CPD chat,xat.com/clubpenguindefendersofcp or Fire Warriors Chat, xat.com/firewarriors.

    • IM SORRY STEVE, but you have no proof you claimed Berg, we do. So please either let it go or keep crying about it.

  6. If you look at one of our older posts you can see how we claimed berg since nobody was on there except for one of our troops. If you really want that server that bad then your just gona have to fight us for it.

  7. Welcome back eprhis.


  9. Hey Athletico96 here, just a reminder about the pb. O and here’s the details:
    When: February 20
    Where: Toboggan
    Time: 1:00 PST


  10. Ok. I know you are all really mad at me but i just want to point something out.
    Your post: New members/ Server Invasion
    Posted on January 9, 2010 by soundboothcp
    Soundbooth: Ok guys IDK if I can make it. But all we really need is one person to claim a server. So this server is basicly ours! But I want all to show up! If you can’t comment or you will be noted as inactive! Now it is NOT active just to comment on active post. You have to do stuff. So lets get this server and make it a AW home! Im also really excited to have a new server !! And Aan10, maybe we can make Berg a training server! AWBC could use one!
    Your post was posted on Jan. 9th. That was even before you invaded it.
    But, If you take a look at our post:
    05:15 PM on January 06, 2010 comments (0)
    Club Penguin has given us a gift. They opened up new servers. There are 9 of them but I only want to claim 4 because other armies need some too. Anyways, CPD now claims the new servers Berg, Cloudy, Mountain, and Cabin! Other armies that think they have these servers don’t because WE HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No I have not changed the date or the time. You can go look at our site and our posts. This post was made 3 days before you even considered invading Berg. I’m sorry if i’m being an anoyance but if you look at the posts, ours was made 3 days before yours. Again if you want to talk to me about it you can usally find me on the CPD chat or the Fire Warriors chat. Our site is cpdefenders.webs.com and if you want to view the post click on the news tab, scroll down all the way and click on view older posts, the scroll all the way down again and it will be the last post on that page. Thanks, Steve Tim
    Look, I am sorry, but you do NOT own Berg. Ok? Now I want you to just stop fighting and search “club penguin server berg” We are the first result. Now we own it, we don’t want war, so either please stop acting noobish, or continue think its yours, and have us ignore your army. I hope you admit the truth and we can be allies. ~Soundbooth

    • BTW: If you want to view the post, you need to click on view older posts twice and it will be the first one on that page.

  11. Ok, Soundbooth look, I am not acting noobish. I am defending my army. We invaded Berg on Jan. 6, 2010 and search all of the rooms, found no enemies, and claimed it. Now 3 days later, you want to claim Berg. I beleive CPD is the rightful owner of Berg. (I clearly proved that in the comment above.) So please, Just give us Berg and end all of the arguing and fighting. -Steve Tim

  12. thats ok but still can we have Berg? Please…
    Please read the new post.

  13. o i just read the post, can you meet me on cpd chat xat.com/clubpenguindefendersofcp at like 6:10 est? So we can sort all of this out and come to an agreement?
    Soundbooth: I am a 2ic, you are going to need to talk to the main leaders, just vote in the poll. And I will talk to Aan10 and Ephris11

    • Ok I g2g, vote and comment on your opinion on the post ‘Note to Steve Time” Tell us if you think it would work.

  14. ya but i just want to just know more on your ideas for Berg.

  15. ok thanks

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