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Aan10:Quick Warning I will be deleting super old posts.

Aan10 Edit: I am working on a flag and will talk about the song with you. 🙂 We are both editting at the same time lol.

Aan10, please help me pick a theme song, and make a flag.


Thursday? 8est

Where? North Pole, plaza


Aqua Warriors chat (duh)

And I want you to comment if

you can or cannot make it, all

who don’t will be demoted!!!

12 Responses

  1. I think I will be able to come, but I may have a track meet on thursday. I need to check my track schedule to know for sure.

  2. I also edited the CSS a little more. I wasn’t very happy with the previous version and am more happy now with this code. Things fit more fluidly than before. So that’s how I was editing your post at the same time you were, I was testing the CSS so much, I saw your progress step by step 😉

  3. Hey Athletico96 here! Talking with the other leaders of the CPGA and is it possible to move it back one more hour to 1 PST? We got people from all over the world and that would be really late England, normal time Canada and USA and 6 A.M. Sunday morning for the Aussies. Is that okay with you?


  4. Ok, February 20th, at 1:00 PST (pm) sounds great. Make sure the date is alright.

  5. hey this is ephris and since im back on the army put this email on the staff page so i can post and manage the site with you

  6. Ok, thanks for coming back Ep. Edit the ranks page with how you want your ranks to be.

  7. i think i am 70% coming.

  8. Great! 🙂

  9. oh lol forgot to put the email its epsapphire11@gmail.com

  10. oh and if i have to go on cp again i guess i will be there but my penguin is a non-member because well you know how Ephris11 was banned.

  11. Yeah, I use Emarshaye now anyway. I would use someone like aaan10 but I have a membership and planty of army items that aren’t out and may not come back out ever again. I may be able to see about getting Aan10 back though… -.-

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