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Recruiting Event/Stories



Soundbooth: Sorry guys for not being there. MY friends pc wasn’t working 😦

Aan10 Edit: I was out of town while this was scheduled, so if you couldn’t make it I do not hold it completely against you, but you should have commented if you wouldn’t be there. I am upset that only three or four people did something like that so I will be holding a practice battle very soon. So far it looks like two in the next few days and another army we may be helping against an invasion.

Ok Aqua Warriors! Lets start winter break right! First of, I got a 85.4% on meh report card! Also, we have a event!


Friday 8est

Where? North Pole, plaza


Aqua Warriors chat (duh)

And I want you to comment if

you can or cannot make it, all

who don’t will be demoted!!!

Also, I did make a page called stories, please read my story ;)!

I also think we need to be more involved in the CP army community. ACP is being invaded by 7 armies. And we did’t choose a side. Honestly, I like ACP, just not Saint. So Aan10 I can’t declare war on armies, and choose sides, thats up to you.So lets get to it! I say no more staying neutral with all wars, lets get involved.

To the new AW



16 Responses

  1. i think i am 99% coming

  2. I am sad to say that I will be out of town tomorrow evening and all of this weekend. I may find a way to get my laptop some internet though on saturday or sunday.

  3. Hey guys wanna have a PB with Thunder Storms ? it’ll be fun

    Saturday , february 13

    3:00 PM EST ?


    REPLY ! :mrgreen:

  4. idk know if i can make it or not. ill let ya know xd

  5. Hey I’m a leader from the CPGA which was number 5 largest army in cp for a short time(rated by Nachos). We’re now really small cause we’ve restarted the army. Do you want a practice battle? If you can just email me at athletico96@hotmail.com or reply to this comment. You rock!

    -Athletico96 CPGA Leader

  6. I try to come but I came 15 min late and you guys our not on.

  7. This is the leader of the very small army DPOCP

    Please Help us!
    We are under attack by an army called CPA.
    I have nearly no soldiers and the ones I have slack off.
    I have tried to ask every army and now I have turned to you to help us.
    We are planning to attack them to take back a server that was once ours.
    I need your help urgently.
    Please help us.

    The details are:

    Server:Great white
    Time:All day(optional)
    Room:snow forts

    Thank you so much for your time.
    If you decide to help us ,leave a comment on my army website:

    Once again ,Thank you for your time.

    • Can you give me the site for the CPA please? I would like to see who they are and who their leaders are. I would like to help you so keep watching for replies.

      • The war has been stopped.

        If you would like to join the CPA , I will Put the link in this comment


        Aan10 Edit: Thank you for your comment notifying me of this. I appreciate that you took the time to let us know.

  8. Hey Aan 10 I have an email athletico96@hotmail.com so you could email that and that would be a lot easier. Or we could just do the practice scheduling here.


  9. Here may be easier, but I will make sure your email is saved to my contacts if I need to tell you anything right away. So how about we consider later this week or next weekend for a pb?

  10. How about next week on the weekend? Also no later than 4:30 PST. We have British people in the army and that would be 12:30 P.M. so even earlier than that would rock!


  11. Ok, how about Feb. 20 at 2:00 PST? That would be bearable for AW. 🙂

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