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This is Your Rude Awakening

Soundbooth: HOORAH! Now this is the leader I wanna see! Well lets get to work. I am coming out with a event soon. So lets do this!

Soundbooth: Aan10 I sent you the code in your email

This is every single soldiers rude awakening. YOU HAVE NOT BEEN LOYAL TO THIS ARMY! You have slacked off majorly Aqua Warriors! I am sick and tired of pulling a bag of dead weights! The ranks have been cleared of the unnecessary names from long ago. Many belong to soldiers who once were, but do not play any part in AW today! The only people who have been cleared of this are the people who I will hand select, who have remained loyal and active in AW for the past weeks and months.

This is it AW! I will not tolerate those who only comment on active posts, but nothing else! I want to see discussions on all of the posts. I want comments and I want people on our chat! We have a very nice chat that is seldom used! I expect more of you AW!

From now on, we will not stand to be a SMALL army. We WILL be a medium army by the end of this month. The ranks should free up plenty of space for us to fill them with new, ACTIVE, soldiers!

I also have a new rule. If you do not come to events and hadn’t commented telling me why you wouldn not be able to make it, you will be up for demotion ASAP. This means that your name will be highlighted in RED on the ranks. On the next active count you WILL be demoted unless you comment. But, you will not receive a promo for commenting on the active count. You will only be allowed to stay where you are.

However, if you came to events or commented with the reason you would be gone, you will be promoted.

See how simple it all is? SO GET IT DONE!


AW Leader


4 Responses

  1. WoW guys , you need to get active again !! Come on , you were going great !! Good Luck 😉

  2. 1 question… Well… what if you went out of the state for the week and you are not able to comment because you are on family vacation without eletronics??? I am asking this because I will soon be going out of state and I will not be able to comment on these kind of this.

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