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Soundbooth’s top ten!

Ok this is the first time I have done this so….

Major armies:

1. ACP- making RPF wish they would have left them alone!

2. IW- even with a rebellion, they are still the good old IW

3. GW- lost a great leader, but lookin’ great!

4. Nachos- they really need to step it up! ACP gets them better leaders, now they fight them?

5. HSA- had a active count with 29 men, had a PB with GW.

6.Tacos- cool army, going good!

7. WW-not doing much lately, but they make great waffles!

8. CPST/FW- both great armies, will get bigger!

9.Brownies- growing! A great army! Just need there own server!

10. Team GOLD – similar to GW?

medium armies:

1 .UMA– Honestly, I don’t think they will be around to long.

2.RPF- leave ACP alone! DO you want to loose everything!?

3. PDW– Riotors retired! OUCH!


5.ST- you see them everywhere!

6.Burritos– getting big, and fast!

7. AW- CPL needs to call of the invasion!

8. FF– New army, 20 men in 2 minutes!?

9. Romans

10. NCP- navy of cp!


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