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The New Ranks

Aan10: Yes, I have been really busy lately due to a basketball tournament, but I am back now. 🙂

Blaze Edit: AanA lot of armies use “General of The Army” rank. Can we have Main Leader and Partly leader instead? You Main Leader. While Chris and I are partly leader?

Aan10 Edit: I updated the ranks and they are official.

Hey guys its Sound. I think we need some new ranks. So here are my ideas! Also i redid them for Aan10 to look over.

Grey: Name changed

Orange: Promoted

Purple: Demoted

General of the Army: Aan10 (Emarshaye)

2ic:  Blazeboy136, Chrisfarley2

3ic: Soundbooth

General: Riotors, Austin56845, Texasgirl27, Ganger90 (Josh)


Lieutanant General: 27Hearts28, Aquaman11, Frostbite

Major General: M O K, Furryfive, Colton, Ellen90999, Aquaman11

Brigadier General:  Nubbythenub, Numnum46, Sorrytylon, Cjajk, MPP46


 Colonel: Ballet Co 12, Bob1960’s,  Juneau, Kara19104, Sythersis, Colton, Sorrytylon, Man of Dogs,  Ganger90, Woton, Swimmy Blue, Pokert23, Khalil 2000, Wobblededo, Candyboy8, Catshadow8,Hawk445, Monkey Ap, Arseus1215, P881, Unicow

Lieutanant Colonel: Flames256, Icey Edge, JonesAP99, Artsgirl100, Jingle Jay, Brad448, Sk8rdude4444, Sith Assassin, Boomer 21, Jacen Netts, Hawk Sss, Acolopse, Elite910, Kevinc5829, Mijos, Kittybobjr, Djgtjvgyhxgy, Hawkboy15, Zipper1009, Ajxx117, Tiny Ronan, Cjajk

Major: Pippy212, Gadunka345, Freddy257, Penor343, Johnlennon2, Mender47, Boosta2, Lord Sparrow, WaddlesO, Ted 68, Corymigs2, Donut67890, Debbie1964, Angela9058, Wmb98, Snuffles, 506Tuxy9349, Cooldude7401, SpyBoy12, Kieranmega y, Coolkid4040, Nattrick, Lemonfead, Icecube1217, Electric4555, Pumpkin1432, Bluie1064, Tywiu, Buggsy Boy, 853naruto, Undrtker515, Rexrider, Halo Friek, Qtgurl6, Audburne, 10Chuckie10, AquaBlue20, Whityblu

Captain: FSUman101, Tiny yoshi, Rod33107, Johnyroger12, XBOX360, Bell93681, Coleblacker, Kingjared7, Brentjames, San Chivas, Asome Dude08, Iceyfeet, Yanksrule14, PinkGirl1114, DjluisHeman4, Waffles, Kirk743, Montmorency1, Jetkid56, Matt Hardy8, X0tqmx0, Sanity1234, A Dawg4, Paguin123, Spretur,  Naruto 6567, 10chukie10, x0tqmx0Double A67, Xray74396, Sarahpretty, Abel12046, G Slush, Chasster, Aberacer, Tayltor9, Snake105, Charliem21, Corinthw, Bob For Pres, Leboto, Gster656, Snoopengy12, Swat Bandit

Lieutenant: PinkladyJ, Xpro19, Trackgirl 55, Bondjbond, NorthTexas18, Heman4, Rkjcbo, Priuwtvynot, Adv50, Shiningsun10, 25 Cents, Salteroi101, Hopesmiley36, Fabby201, Hallow4508, Redboy997, Ninjashadow, Smiley8years, Robin888, Combat56, Ymapinky, FredH8er, Mansnow, Diovis, Punchy 50, Csm814, Lil Dobby 4, Cosmedius, Andemas, Candyboy8, Bobbyc3, Monkey Ap, Austin56845, 1Piplub2bu, Tinybillybob, Flipwaddle2, Wii Man3, Ballet Co 21, A Dawg4, Motor20, Issnake105, Lucky88825OOH, Element 25, wwehardywwf, NotGivinUp, Mrtchy

Sergeant: Bondjbond,  Oily Dude, Lolgirlz35, TCUfoot81, Bingsterr, Kara19104, Candyboy8, Jacobstout, Dude1234, Listor55, Etac14, Rockstarguy3, Lexy334, 777g, Patsrule33, Happyman444, Checkmatter, Kjbulldog, Jm09f1, Piplup2, Mansnow10, Fresca39, Funkeys Gree, Joey AnthonyRsnail, Lildrew jr, Dan10536, JukuBell93681, Jackelantern, Mr. Jackson23, Ghost5371, Matonic 1, Name Hiden1, Mix10, Kenni Tram, Stella2335, Clubzooyo, Linz17, Asdjfkl246, Scruffy17, Avs29,  Ninja7 H, Idohdustin, Vio89, Zigi79894, Bigp15, YungTj83

Private: Twinkie111, Heman4, Coco84243, Patriot1234, Bohg123, Kickboxinger, Minutemen18, Dude1234, Happy5643, Hallow42628, Rkjcbo, Paguin123, Matt Hardy8, Bohg123, Penguin-8067, Dan10536, Leaper510, Anemas, Coolio891995, Koala57931, Penguink2cp, Team876, Itunesgeek1, Pjp123, Antneecb, Mm142, Blacky8025, Mombal23, Warriorii, Maxthepen, KuroWolf, Mr Pengle, IDK432, Snowball1064, Mcnuggetboy, Surferboysc,  Mxz100, Cody765, OneFlyGuy24, Enrigue102, Zackray1, Shabboomboom, Pawdi10, Mily21, ACP PENGUIN1, Kickboxer2, Snowball1064, Mcnuggetboy, Surferboysc, Rileybremie, 101hawkins, Spongie555, Gougarglider, Seadog, Daisy34434, GreenPuffle92, Dannydinio, 4sirtony, Supercool116, Safer123, Cauchemar89, Jfader, Funny games9, Sharkguy95, Stellrkartfng, Mr. Blinkins

Well I think these new ranks would be more better and get us more people.

-Soundbooth & Aan10


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for the promotion! Make sure to look at the new page Stories!

  2. […] Current Goals For the AW Posted on August 5, 2010 by ☆εℓιmz★ Elimz Edit: Did you guys know that Ganger, Scampi Bri and Riotors were once a part of AW? :O https://theaquawarriors.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/the-new-ranks/ […]

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