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Recruiting Sesh Results!

We had these people at the session:

-Emarshaye (me), Austin56845, Texasgirl27, Soundbooth, someone named Beefy, and a couple others that were friends of soldiers. So, if you did not come YOU ARE NOW UNACTIVE! YOU MAY BE DEMOTED UNLESS YOU COMMENT WITH YOU NAME, RANK, ACTIVE!

Here are some pics. I did my best not to get any with Pringle and the rest of FW who crashed our party :mrgreen: Best regards to FW, after all we are allies! 😉

Great job for those that came! For those that didn’t… you better comment.



18 Responses

  1. Altogether though, it was a good recruiting sesh. We got about 20 people interested throughout the entire thing!

    Sound I know you were a little late, but the fact that you still came meant that you were active AND WILL NOT BE DEMOTED LIKE SOME PEOPLE! xD

    Try that 😉

  2. Wow we had so many people! Not so many listed troops, but a heck of a lot of recruits!

  3. Austin did the cbox work on ur comp?

  4. Yeah, it did. Thats a good idea.

  5. Then it should work for you Sound. Hopefully.

  6. Ganger1
    Lowest Owner
    Im sorry, I was at the Penn State Game.

  7. Sick nasty! ill try chat!

  8. Yea I thought the event was tomorrow, so when I saw a friend on North Pole I was like oh bull poo. Lol so I did come late.

  9. Lol Sound. Sick nasty! Bull poo! lol :mrgreen:

    No problem Josh, I will highlight your name again, thanks for telling me.

  10. Great! That is awesome 🙂

  11. 27hearts28
    head colonel

  12. Nubbythenub

  13. Thanks for commenting with that. I will highlight you again.

  14. FYI= I will be at a neighbor’s house tomorrow and the day after, because my parents will be going to the fiesta bowl. 😐 Without me.

    I am not sure if my neighbors have wireless, or if they do, will give me the code. So when I come by my house every now and then to check on my dogs, I will check my comp. 🙂

  15. Yeah, I know. Remember I have to stay at their house too 😉

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