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Pretty Much Done/ Recruiting Sesh

Aan10 Edit: Wow, we have 14 active right now!

I have pretty much finished the CSS editing. Whew! It was fun to just jump right in and learn how to do it in two days, but it is still slightly confusing and frustrating to manage. So, unless I feel any urges to return or learn about any other tricks, this is how the site will be looking! Also…






9:00 UK


If you do not come your name will be un-highlighted on the ranks, and you will need to comment ASAP with your name, rank, active or face demotion.


19 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Turgay Megrel, Sarah Jones. Sarah Jones said: Pretty Much Done/ Recruiting Sesh « The Club Penguin Aqua Warriors: Pretty Much Done/ Recruiting Sesh. Posted o.. http://bit.ly/4Phlz2 […]

  2. Name: Soundbooth
    Rank: Advisor
    just making sure, i hope ill be there 😀

  3. Hmm, well there’s something I need to fix :mrgreen: Who ever tries to comment that is not logged in on wordpress will see what I mean.

    Thanks Sound, and did you try the chat page?

    • Chat didn’t work :(. How ever, I have an un used CArd Jitsu card code. Gets you 4 cards online! So Im going to hold a contest soon to see who on AW gets it :D.

  4. Wow, that’s a great idea! We should do it right after the recruiting. As for the chat, let me try the other thing 😉

    • Thanks! I just want to help Aw rise! Plus we need another page. A army history page. Showing full army history. Because some guys like me were not here for all of Aw and it would be cool to see! Plus I may have 2 card codes. One for you, one for the contest. So We will see!

  5. Aquaman11

    • TY for coming back! My friend M o K is joining soon so that will be one more active troop!!!!!!!!!! THATS 3 FOR THE CONTEST!

  6. Thanks for coming back and commenting Aquaman11. You will be promoted and be highlighted unless you become inactive again.

  7. Hey I got a link for you to try Sound, go here to see if you can chat: http://aquawarriors.cbox.ws/

  8. Just in case I can’t make it aan:

  9. I can make it.

  10. @Josh & Aan:

    That’s what she said xD


  12. Same to you!

  13. Great job guys! We did awesome! Alot of people were interested!

  14. i cant make it

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