• The Aqua Warriors is a Club Penguin Army that fights, protects, and has a ton of fun! We have many experienced Leaders and Commanders that are here to help you out and win! AW has been around since late 2007. Check out our chat and join today!

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Other fun ideas

AAN10! GO TO THIS SITE AND MAKE A TOOLAR IF YOU WANT! http://www.conduit.com/Landing-Pages/boost-traffic.aspx?ref_id=29595&gclid=CIPqtIr43p4CFcZM5Qod4jxrKA

Hello Aqua Warriors!

Soundbooth here, Want to know some other fun things to do in Aqua Warriors?  Its even when we don’t have an event, play with your friends and make a fun battle! Pretend you are Captain Price as an Aqua Warrior or Soap as an Aqua Warrior!( both cod dudes). I mean if you do that you have WAY more fun! I do it all the time! Then other people will see you and be interested and join! It is a very fun and easy way to get people to join! So have fun doing it!(n if you want)

Waddle on!



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  1. im oging to put aw banner on my new site cpdwarmy.wordpress.com

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