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Re-organizing ranks

I re-organized the ranks and I am sick and tired of this. We deserve to be in the top three armies every single week! Yet we are not and people wonder why and complain. I am tired of everyone here just sitting around and eating bon-bons like lazy, good for nothing, slobs. I want the Aqua Warriors to be a great army, remembered for our perserverence, honor, reliability, and strength! Instead, we drop lwer and lower in activeness and rank on the top ten medium armies list. It is my dream that someday, we will be number one in the medium armies, then make it to the major armies. I intend to see this done before I retire. So I have re-done the ranks and I have removed or demoted unactive leaders. Like I have said before, I am tired of this crap. If you are a leader/ commander, or any owner rank, I EXPECT you to be on chat more than once a month! (Except for Soundbooth- xat doesn’t work)

According to the new ranks, even if you commented on the active post, you may still be demoted. You want to know why? It’s because I NEVER see you on chat or you hardly ever comment! When I say comment, I mean regularly show that you visit the site and share your opinion or post if you are able to. I do not appreciate people who only comment on the active count, but never some to events, or comment any other times. That IS NOT ACTIVE!

I hope this is a good wake-up call for most of you. Notice how I said most. I do not want to single people out, but your new ranks will reflect your contribution and dedication to this army. If you are not active, please do not comment on the active post. I do not appreciate counting on someone to show up to a battle or recruitment and be the only one there! So check the ranks, and if you intend to be more active let me know. Comment. Get on chat. BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER!


Main Leader

4 Responses

  1. Wow this should be a wake up call. Lol bon bons. Spondgebob 😀 Well yea I like how you re-did the ranks. Nw by the time you retire, we will be in the top ten big armies!

  2. aan im sorry for not getting on. I dont have internet at my house because my dad broke his leg and was off work so we had to drop some stuff. The only time i can get on is when im at my grandmas or aunts. Right now im at my Grandmas. Can i be my old rank again plz? It was Co Leader. My dads leg healed and hes back on work so ill get internet back soon.

  3. Everytime i get on i make sure to check chat and site.

  4. Eddie, there are a couple of issues between you and me right now. I would like to have them cleared up before you get such a rank again. First of all, I re-did the ranks according to trust, contribution, and activeness. You were demoted because of this.
    -I know that you did not have internet access, but still, that meant that you were not able to be acvtive at the time of the active count.
    -There is still the question of your loyalty to AW.
    -There is also a question of your purposes as Co-Leader with hardly any recent AW history.
    -Frankly, not many people here have full trust in you because of the lack of contact we have had with you.
    I simply would appreciate it if you commented, attended battles, and went on chat VERY often. If you do not you may continue to be demoted or removed from the ranks. Without any of these points completely cleared up, you will not pass the owner line.

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