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Recruiting Session

Aan10 Edit: Well, we would have had 5-6 people at the short notice recruiting, but I had to use my brothers comp (Austin56845) Blaze had a massive headache, Frost had to go, Sound didn’t have chat- therefore no communication, and that left 2 definite people. Hearts and I. So for being loyal and dedicated, Hearts has been promoted to Colonel!

As far as I can see, 8 people commented on the active post (including Soundbooth in the post). We need to exceed 10 people by the end of the week. So we will be having a recruiting session along with a contest. Here is the recruiting info:

When:  Sunday, December 13th

Tuesday, December 15th


Sunday- 6:00 PST 7:00 MST 8:00 CST 9:00 EST

Tuesday- 5:30 PST 6:30 MST 7:30 CST 8:30 EST


North Pole

Now about the contest…

If you want to participate in the contest you must be an active member of AW and you must have commented on the active count (below). CONTEST INFO:

WHAT! Recruit a friend or two to join AW from CP, Xat, or real life!

WHY! It will greatly help AW and you will get a promotion!

Promotion Key:

-Member rank- 1 promo per person recruited

-Moderator Rank- 1 promo per two people recruited

-Owner Rank- 1 promo per three people recruited

If you recruit someone they must comment on the join page and on the active count (below). When they join they MUST mention your name for it to count toward you. That’s it!


AW Leader

12 Responses

  1. i GOT Nubbythenub to join. And Aquaman11 even though he is not active 😦

  2. Ok, I will count Nubbythenub, but I can’t count Aquaman11. He didn’t comment on the active count.

  3. I will try to be there for a little bit, but I will be busy tonight with a project. 😦

  4. Sorry for stealing your comp :mrgreen:

  5. thanx for the promo!! :d

  6. sorry i didint come 😦 it was short notice ans i was busy

  7. Guys Aan10 we need to talk. Im talking a merge that will bring Aqua troops to the next level. Im willing to make deals with you if you do agree with me. Meet me on Aqua troops chat sometime. The link is xat.com/aquatroopsofclubpenguin

  8. Hey guys, Im really busy so I won’t be on quite as much for a couple weeks. But ill be on whenever i can.

  9. Ok, no problem but thanks for the heads up Rio.

  10. Ok now we need another event

  11. i couldent make it

  12. I read some posts here every now and then but this is best one i’ve read so far

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