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Leadership change/ Active Count

Aan10 Edit: I agree with that, and actually that is just what I was planning on doing myself. Thanks for speaking up and helping AW. Leave the ranks to me, and I will make sure ONLY active people will be above the owner line. I will not tolerate unactive owners/ mods anymore. I want AW to be great, after all, we have the potential. So this is fair warning to all who skimp by, by commenting every now and then or randomly showing up and expecting your old rank or better.

Not talking about Aan10 or Blaze, but I have two people with GREAT army XP who would really help this site. It’s very sad that our own leaders won’t be active. So im saying this:

Im going to talk to Aan10 after his active post, and all leaders who don’t comment should get a Demotion. And get replaced!! This shows how serious I am! Now Aan10, do you agree? Should we have inactive leaders?! Or should we get new ones? Now BLaze and Aan10, you guys are doing a great job! But alot of other people are quiting on us :(. I am very serious about this. And Aan10 im asking you for perrmision to edit the ranks page, Don’t worry I wont edit above the Owner line just the below the mod line. Well if so just comment saying and now Im going to say this.


Comment below with your name/rank

Name: Soundbooth



And I hope to see all leaders comment.

All who haven’t  comment are crossed out,meaning inactive

Leader/ Commander: Aan10 (Emarshaye), Chrisfarley2

Co-Leader: Austin56845, Eddie1675

2nd in Command: Blazeboy136 (aka GPH136)

3rd in Command: Riotors

4th in Command: Frostbite375, Texasboy27

Advisor: Wobblededo, Sorrytylon, Swimmy Blue, Soundbooth, Unicow

I am also planning an event soon, im going to try to get  a PB with the National Club Penguin Army.


These are cool!


8 Responses

  1. Name: Frostbite375



  2. Aan10
    Main Leader

  3. nubbythenub

  4. Austin56845
    2ic/ Co-Leader

  5. 27hearts28

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