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Hey Soldiers,
Well I am a little mad. Not at anyone imperticular. I am mad at Aqua Warriors in a way. We are a army with a lot of potential and we waste it. We could be a army as large as the Ice Warriors or ACP. We are huge but we waste the potential with not doing anything. Look at the ranks. We are big. I want all the owners to be active. The owners are suppose to set an example for all the other soldiers, unstead they just do not do jack crap. They probably do nothing but go on other army chats. Well I say that if you are a owner or a mod then you should be on chat. This army can be large and survive. Two months ago we were on the CPA Zone and CPA Insider number 3 army on the medium list. Now we are number 14 or 15. We dropped. We are almost number 1… On the SMALL ARMY LIST. I want all the leaders to make the example. I am not trying to be a complete jerk. I am trying to make this army something. Now if you are just looking at the site then go to the ranks and look for your name.

I want all the soldiers to go on the chat. Now if you are not a member, mod, or owner, then please comment on this post and we will make a date to set it up. I am going harder on this army. I want us large again. We have the knowlege and potential. I have a MOTTO. It is TCC “Teamwork, Commitment, and Comunication” All those things apply to the situation we are in right now. I think we need these and they all tie into each other. So please, please, do not make me get mad again. Sorry if, I affended you in any way.



3 Responses

  1. I completely agree with you Blaze! I think that we have too many owner/ mod ranks that are never active. EVER. So I will have an active post coming up soon, and if you do not comment even if your an owner, if you do not comment, you WILL BE DEMOTED. I will redo the ranks entirely.


  2. i agree! klets rebuild this army

  3. This is sad, even our mods and leaders don’t go on! We need to fix this, and even though im at the bottom of the owner ranks, C MON GUYS! You are all leaders because Aan10, And Blaze im not talking about you at all you doinf great, but everyone else, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! Aan10,Blaze we need to fix this army. I will plan an event soon but until then, lets work together and rebuild!
    – Soundbooth
    PS: My friend Nubbythenub may join soon 🙂

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