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Getting us back on top

Aan10 Edit~ I like the post sound, thanks again. As for everyone else, this is a good plan, read it and comment!

Hello Aqua Warriors!

My name is Soundbooth! I am a new author on this site and I am going to try my best to get this army back in the top 5

medium armies! And then we will go to number one! Any way, Here is somethings I want to say on my first post!


A little while ago, I was in just ACP (not AW) and when ever you would look at the top 10 medium armies AW was always be in the top 5! It was a great feet being one of the best medium armies ever! And it still is! But when an army is on its top what will some times happen is 2 things:
1: People will join just to get in the army for fame then never fight.

2: People are in the army and are active soldiers until they find a “better” army that is more active and bigger.

Well I wan to say, if you join a army be active because it is mean and rude to join and never do anything! So I am saying to those inactive soldiers in this army, start being active! How do you expect this army to go far if you don’t help? being inactive won’t do it! So I know this army will some day be in the top 10 LARGE armies! Wouldn’t you have liked to have participated? It is VERY necessary that we all help out and make this army better! Here are some ideas to get this army back on top:

1: Always wear your uniform!
I mean just for like maybe 5 mins a day!

2: Advertise!
Whenever you are on Club Penguin, just yelL JOIN AQUA WARRIORS in every room yo go to! It will help get people interested and more people to join!

3: Prepare!
Before a battle help your leaders out! Go to where ever the battle is going to happen and start advertising( or just say wear what we are wearing and join, or just say be blue and fight with us!)
Thats all I wanted to say! This army will go far but we can’t do it alone! So all you inactive troops! Get ready, because we will soon be a top army!

~ Soundbooth

3 Responses

  1. Great job with the post sound! Btw, check the ranks! 😉

  2. I agree too

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