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Active Count

Hey Soldiers,

No this is not another random post. I was on Aqua Warriors chat today and Aan was on and a few other leaders, and we decided to make us a top army again. We will be having a lot more events and a lot more rally’s. The more active you are the better you will be in the army sooooo we shall have a active count. If you are under owner line and you comment you will get a promotion!

  1. Blazeboy136 aka Gph136
  2. Co Leader
  3. Active

So it is…

  1. Name
  2. Rank
  3. Active or Inactive

Thanks and remember you get a promotion if you are under owner.



23 Responses

  1. Blazeboy136 aka Gph136
    Co Leader

  2. Eddie 1675
    Co Leader

    aan i wanna talk to you…

  3. 27hearts28
    active 🙂

  4. Riotors

  5. Aan10

  6. Name soundbooth
    Rank captain 😦 lol

  7. we need more troops, lets plan a event!

  8. i tired to get some people to join on cp

  9. great, but some things do not show up on CP. The best thing to say is “Join the Aqua Warriors Army!” “We have a web page!” “Look us up!”

  10. gtg school cya!

  11. Hello Aqua Warriors!

    A little while ago, I was in just ACP (not AW) and when ever you would look at the top 10 medium armies AW was always be in the top 5! It was a great feet being one of the best medium armies ever! And it still is! But when an army is on its top what will some times happen is 2 things:
    1: People will join just to get in the army for fame then never fight.

    2: People are in the army and are active soldiers until they find a “better” army that is more active and bigger.

    Well I wan to say, if you join a army be active because it is mean and rude to join and never do anything! So I am saying to those inactive soldiers in this army, start being active! How do you expect this army to go far if you don’t help? being inactive won’t do it! So I know this army will some day be in the top 10 LARGE armies! Wouldn’t you have liked to have participated? It is VERY necessary that we all help out and make this army better! Here are some ideas to get this army back on top:

    1: Always wear your uniform!
    I mean just for like maybe 5 mins a day!

    2: Advertise!
    Whenever you are on Club Penguin, just yelL JOIN AQUA WARRIORS in every room yo go to! It will help get people interested and more people to join!

    3: Prepare!
    Before a battle help your leaders out! Go to where ever the battle is going to happen and start advertising( or just say wear what we are wearing and join, or just say be blue and fight with us!)
    Thats all I wanted to say! This army will go far but we can’t do it alone! So all you inactive troops! Get ready, because we will soon be a top army!

    ~ Soundbooth

  12. Sorry to comment again lol. I just want to help out! We should plan a Christmas event! have it be

    Deer Vr Christmas Trees 😀

    Then we can get other small and medium armies like these:

    National Club Penguin Army
    Fire Warriors?
    Club penguin Special Forces http://specialforcesofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/
    Were Wolf and were fox army
    Cp CLones
    Black Bandits

    Then we split teams up

    Aqua Warriors ( team leader)
    Were Wolf and were fox army ( small)
    Special Forces of Club Penguin (small)
    National Club Penguin Army( medium?)

    Cp Clone army ( team leader)
    Fire Warriors medium)
    Black Bandits 9medium)

    That would be fun and get our armies more popular what do you think?

  13. Np, thanks actually, I think you will be a great soldier, active too. 😉 So how would you feel if you met me on chat at some point and we discussed your rank?

  14. This is soundbooth on my wordpress account

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