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Signals for wars !!!

here are a couple of signals for wars and battles we will make more later here they are :

Puffle Charge-   charge with the blue puffle.

Smile Face–  Regroup with Leaders. 

CopyCat-    if i say copy every thing on cp it means do it ! xD

Mad Face-  make a line under me or Aan10

J Bomb-  say a joke and charge

chant name- spam Aqua or  Warriors then charge i will tell you to say one of those

sun Face-  follew me to a different room

The Frown face-  Fall back to a different room with the leaders

Wink Face –   Means We Won!?!?!

Pizza face means circle the enemy!

WE will have more Signals on later just make shure u listen to all of these and listen to the leaders Aan10, chris, Me :mrgreen:

~Andrew24  ||| HE That would be a leader Must be A Bridge|||

                              |||You may have to Fight a BATTLE  more then once to win it ||| :mrgreen:


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