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Practice Battle with TS/ Orange Raiders merging

Aan10 Edit: Ok, you guys will be on your own for the pb on Saturday. I do not like not being there to lead you, but I will be out of town. It was either this or canceling it, and that’s the last thing I want to do. So do a good job and win!

We will be having another practice battle this weekend. Except now the times are not messed up. Here is the info:

WHO: Thunder Storms

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 14

TIME: 12:00 PST——— 3:00 EST 2:00 CST 1:00 MST

SERVER: North Pole- Snow Forts

Be on the chat 20 minutes early for recruiting. I expect us to beat or tie them. You MUST be there or be demoted. (That is for people who say they are active or complain when demoted.)


AW Leader

12 Responses

  1. whoa dude i did not retire so plz and also i am active i just cant get on the chats cause the aw chat wont load and everytime im on ur never on so lol dotn say im not active i never ever see u on cp or chat and i do have legal rights to come back remember im 4 in command

    ~Andrew24 ps you do not get alot of recruits with black hoodie then why are ur recruit pics never have any one esle exceept u and chris? light blue is alot better

  2. What are you talking about? Chris hasn’t been active in AW in forever! He was only able to make it to one recruiting session out of over 4. And if you would have scrolled down and checked, you would have seen a lot more than 2 people. lol

    BTW, you did retire, at least you made a post with your retirement on the old AW site.

  3. i never did retire i said should i retire and i said all the people i would like to thank IF i retire lol

  4. I made a new join widget! 😀 The last one was really bad. 😦

    Austin56845 edit: I agree the new widget is much more awesome!

  5. Im sorry but i can’t reschedule it .

    Reply here :


    ~! Rey 45 !~ TS Leader !~ :mrgreen:

  6. Ok, but I will not be there nor will Austin56845. It worked out bad 😦 Sorry

  7. Its okay . If it was lousy we’ll reschedule another PB Later on ! No worries 😉

    ~! Rey 45 !~ TS Leader !~ :mrgreen:

  8. Thanks! I liked working with you all in TS, we should do it again after this one, whether or not it gets rescheduled! 😀

  9. hey OR no one is active in that army but andrew so only new troops ur gettings is andrew24

  10. Hey AW, I’m Kenni and I want to ask you a favour. Can you lend EW(Element Warriors) a few soldiers? Thanks.

    Aan10 Edit~ Like in a battle, to join? Where? And what is the site? But, I don’t really think I can give you a solid answer if it’s to join, it would be up to my troops for that.

  11. Sorry I couldn’t come. GW had a battle that day.

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