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Aan10 Edit~ I found out who deleted the site from wordpress tonight. The user was 2Chrisfarley2 (Chris the other leader) but Eddie1675 had access to his email- I’m sure Chris’  email had his account password to wordpress. So it was one of them or a true hacker, which I doubt. I talked to both of them earlier today before I knew. I suspected one of them at the time, now, I am awaiting another email with some extra details. When That arrives, I will give an update on exactly who did it. If I still need some more info, I will call a meeting with Eddie and Chris. If one does not show up… well we just may know who did it. If you haven’t noticed Chris hasn’t posted at all on here either. Well, we will see…

Guess what I saw today on the OFR site? See for yourself.


How random huh? Does that even make sense… “Actually now they are called the Golden Warriors.” Interesting how my first comment contains bad spelling, bad capitalization, and information about a war I couldn’t attend at a time like noon on a school day. THIS IS WHAT I WROTE:


They had already deleted some of my comments and edited others. Then they edited that comment to make it look like I wanted a war that no one in AW could make because it was in the middle of a school day for U.S. people. So, why would I have scheduled a battle like that… haven’t you been reading! I didn’t, they did. 😐


Those liars who are too low to even reply and pretend they can’t see my comments deserve a war. So here, for everyone to see I am scheduling a war against OFR. I expect all warriors who have found this site to be there. I also expect all warriors to comment saying they will be there. I want to kick their butts.

If you can’t come comment with the info why.

If you are there I guarantee a promotion. Even to people above the owner line:

WHERE: North Pole, Snow Forts

WHEN: Monday, October 12th, 2009

3:00 PST (CP Time)

5:00 CST

6:00 EST








AW Leader


22 Responses

  1. And I will be there, all of the available AW troops should too!

  2. Aan i can be there and everybody was saying i hacked it i was only a editor and couldnt take off nothing soo it wasnt me

  3. hmm, was it frost then? thats really weird… maybe it was a true hack?

  4. Ill try to come aan10. We will crush them. You should ask the twa to help you. They look small but they are like an alliance consisting of romans, ra, and many others. http://thetwaofcp.wordpress.com. I think that’s the right link.

  5. lol they mispelt sombrero in their name

  6. hey and can u put me back on as editor my email is swimmyblue@live.com

  7. Ok, but can u talk to me on chat sometime?

  8. ❗ One ally is allowed. ❗

  9. I think it will be the Warriors Alliance. http://thetwaofcp.wordpress.com/ but we will see, it could be GW if that’s ok with you.

  10. I could possibly bring rpa but we wont be big. I didnt do it aan. It was chris. I know it was down in the morning. When we left that day it was down. Chris was on that night well i was sleeping at his house. He was on the comp doing something. Not sure what though. He came up stairs smiling and then i went back to sleep. When we went to buffalo that day the site had to be down when we left in the morning. It was like 8:00 when we left. Yah i can get his email. But to get a wordpress pass liek that you have to reset the pass. Chris can still login so i didnt do that. Aan. If you dont beleive me try getting your pass for yourself and youll know. It had to be chris. i evan proved it. Also to prove your accual hack theary i dont have inter net on my comp. Chris never lets me on his desktop. Chris’s Laptop is a peice of sizza that cant download anything. I cant download things on my grandmas comp either because i might get in trouble. So i proved both theaorys wrong about how it could possibly happen if it were me. It was chris and you can try to prove me wrong but i can prove it wrong. Just sayin it wasnt me. thanks aan.

  11. wow thats longer than i thaught it would be


  13. Ok, don’t cuss, but I still need to talk with both of you guys about who it was.

    BTW, I screwed up, I missed the war. 😥 My friends dad died a couple weeks ago, and today was his memorial. I completely forgot and could not bail on the party. And yes, a party, because his dad said that when he died, he wanted to have a party/ memorial not a black sad funeral type thing. I think that is really cool and I would never dream of missing his memorial party. He was a great guy.
    Thank the Lord for your life and be happy for those who have lived great ones and are somewhere even better.

    AW Leader

  14. Meet me on AW chat http://xat.com/theaquawarriors tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7:00 CST 8:00 EST (aka 5:00 PST)

    Whoever does not show up just may be considered guilty.

    P.S. This is posted on the folowing pages; CPUN, Aqua Warriors, Blaze Warriors, Ice Rebels

  15. I had too much homework to be on right at 7:00. I was on a bit later and only Eddie was online.

    Rescheduled to any night this week at 7:30 CST 8:30 EST
    If we are all on then it wil be that night.

  16. Would AW mined if I made another army called Artic Warriors that would be AW or would that be to confusing?


  17. I wouldn’t be mad but it could be kind of confusing for some people. We would both just have to be more specific. But it’s fine with me Iku.

    Been a while hasn’t it?

  18. Ill just make it Awcp or somthing .. thanks


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