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2009 Medium Army Tournament

Aan10 Edit: I think I know who hacked, why they did, and how. There are 2 possibilities I see right now. 1, Chris made Swimmy Blue an admin (he was an editor) and Swimmy deleted the site. Or, option 2, Ephris or Chris deleted the site. I doubt Chris or Ep would, but I know it was not me, Andrew, or Gph. Then again, we could have been actually hacked by someone. Most likely though, it was Swimmy, because he hated Blaze Warriors and we were realy close allies. When he started talking trash to them and telling them they would and should die, I told him to stop or he could be demoted or removed from the AW ranks.

He would have had the motive, but we may never know for sure…


 Hey Peoplez,

Well I have been going around from site to site and checking a lot of news sites, and found out alot of Major Armies are having tournaments. I decided it’s time for us to have a medium army tournament. We will be having a lot of time to get settled considering it is this Friday the 9th of October. CPA Insider is verry happen to inform you that the top 10 medium armies will be perticipating in this event. Please leave a comment to us to inform Rioters or myself if your army can make it. Please come forward to me Gph136, the reason is because I am in charge of the event and I know the full plan. So here is the information.



Click to enlarge:

Date: October 9,2009 (Friday)
Server: Rainbow
Room: Your Army’s Designated Room. (No Where Else Until Battle Begins)

  • 12:00 P.M. (Hawaiian)
  • 4:00 P.M. (PST/Western)
  • 5:00 P.M. (Mountain)
  • 6:00 P.M. (Central)
  • 7:00 P.M. (Eastern)
  • 12:00(Midnight) (United Kingdom) 


Rooms Designated:
Town/Plaza: Recruiting
Cove: Blaze Warriors (BW)
Beach: Aqua Warriors (AW)
Ski Village: Orange Flame Rebels (OFR)


  1. No Bots
  2. No Cheating
  3. No Automatic Winners (Gph136 and Rioters is Judge)
  4. No Hacking
  5. No Spamming Apponents Chat Rooms
  6. Each Battle is 30 Minutes each
  7. Recruit on your own time.
  8. No Bragging About a Win
  9. Recruit On Your Own Time
  10. Have Fun



I need to know how many people could come to the tourney. After the hack, many people may have a hard time finding us again. Please, please, PLEASE, help me out and tell anyone you know in AW that this is the new website. If we don’t have enough people in the active count (rigth below this) then I will tell Gph to size us down on the map or count us out depending on the numbers.

Last active count we had over 20 comments! I am aiming for 10+ on this new site! Help make that possible, spread the word of THIS SITE!



AW Leader

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